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Our fascination with the alien, is within ourselves.

Not really a fan or follower of the Alien franchise, I sort of liked Prometheus, sort of didn’t understand it, and sort of understood it.

Backstory and mythology apart, set and creature design were simply fascinating. So I dug around, read up and stumbled upon this piece, that spawned many others (see what I did there?)

Sir Ridley and company may credit prehistoric and sea animals as inspirations for creature design, but I think they’re too propah and too shy to spill the real beans. I think things are far closer home. Home, being our own bodies: how they work, how we would like them to work, and deep inside, how freaked out we are, about about the way they work.

It is the extraordinary duality of human biology: what is beautiful, pleasureable and almost poetic, can also be the source of our most horrific dreams.

The picture says it all. When we get jiggy with it, we get pretty creepy with it.

In all the corporate jargon in all the world, ‘What does/will success look like?’ is my award for 2011’s most (mis)used maxim. I’ve gone from not quite understanding what it really meant, to waxing eloquent answers (I hope), to being exasperated at the debate and hyperbole the question often evokes.

I was posed this question recently in a personal context, and my answer is the visual above. Allow me to explain: it was inspired by what my closest friend’s child exclaimed to her as he witnessed her juggle house, kids, work, more work, kids, more house… ‘Ma’, he said, ‘I think you need to grow some extra arms like those goddesses’. 

The two goddesses pictured above, are avatars of the self-same female power. Both of them have the multiple-arm thing going on. And I, like that child, have always seen them as a visual metaphor for life’s multiple roles and responsibilities. In this age of the work-life balance mantra, multiple arms/multiple roles for a woman, is par-for-the-course - it’s standard issue.

My focus is less on the quantity of limbs, and more on the quality of the visage: When I see Kali on the left, she is a multitasker, but quite an angry one at that - driven by the need to right(v) wrong(n). On the right sits Shakti, who to me has a look of serene-determination. I hypothesize -driven by the need to maintain balance in the world.

For me, 2012’s success will look like Shakti. I am exhausted with the kind of multitasking that is accompanied by confusion, irritation and anger. I deeply wish to multitask and role-balance my life, with calmness, composure, and serenity. So when I stand at at end of 2012, I’ll measure my image against that of Shakti’s.

Back to the corporate query and its award-winning year 2011: I’d like to bid them a proper goodbye. So may I ask YOU: what will success look like for you, in 2012?

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